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The Beverage Manager's Guide To Wines, Beers, And Spirits

RRP $316.99

For courses in Beverage Management, Wines, Beers and Spirits, Dining Room Services and Beverage Purchasing and Cost Control.


The Beverage Manager's Guide to Wines, Beers and Spirits,4/e, navigates the reader through an intriguing journey on the vast world of alcoholic beverages. The text serves as an authoritative guide intended to inspire those individuals pursuing or enhancing a career in the food and beverage industry; the book will be equally fascinating for the beverage enthusiast. Written in a lively and engaging literary style, that is both comprehensive and yet concise; exploring the essential management and service aspects of drink. Designed to be intellectually appealing, with stimulating photography while providing the necessary knowledge on building and sustaining a profitable beverage program. This read provides marvelous insights into the beverage industry by discovering the sometimes perplexing, yet enduring influence of wines, beers and spirits that have been inseparable from the evolution of civilization.

Wine And Roses

RRP $17.99

There have been countless poems written about love over the history of time. And why do we continue to read them? To have heart-melting emotions towards them? Because love is both the best and the worst, most hazardous emotion we will undoubtably feel all throughout our lives.It is both the reason that we swoon, the reason we give cheers, and at the very same time, it's the reason that we drink at all. Wine is romantic because it is one of the purest definitions of love we will ever have. It eases our troubles, yet too much can send us over.

Little Miss Wine O'clock And Friends

RRP $9.99

Little Miss Wine O'Clock is staying in tonight with her friend Little Miss Prosecco. They are re-watching Downton Abbey and playing a game called "Downton the Hatch". This means they have to sip a drink every time Lady Mary raises her eyebrows. Or whenever anyone opens a letter with a knife. Or whenever Carson clears his throat. With the complete box set to watch it will be a long and messy night. Meet a world of hilarious 21st century characters - from Little Miss Extreme Detox who's on a kale-only diet but can think of nothing but cake to Little Miss Mombie who used to go out but now lives mostly in her sitting room and spends her time picking things up. Are you Little Miss Commuter or Little Miss Vintage? Do you now a Little Miss Social Media, Little Miss Bridezilla or Little Miss Yummy Mummy? Created for grown-ups this pitch-perfect parody is the ideal gift for friends, daughters, girlfriends, wives, mothers and grandmothers. Perfect for Mother's Day, for Christmas, or just for fun. This book has not been prepared, approved licensed or endorsed by any entity involved in the creation or production of the Mr. Men and Little Miss books including the publishers and Roger Hargreaves and Adam Hargreaves.


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Wine Beer Winemaking Brewing
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