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Key Steps To Alcohol Freedom

RRP $13.99

Discover the Key Steps to overcome Alcoholism and Develop New, Healthy, Positive Habits Today!! The drinking disorder of alcoholism has reached epidemic proportions throughout the world. Most people believed that only those who've been drinking for a long time required treatment. A study refuted this perception, however that early detection is the key to stopping alcohol dependency. There are many approaches to treatment. The effectiveness of any form of therapy lies substantially on the person who is receiving it. An individual's willingness to change for the better is one key factor for treatment to work. This book offers guidance, proven tips and effective strategies for getting through the various phases of recovery and starting a new, better life! Inside, Key Steps To Alcohol Freedom, you'll discover: -The basic, essential facts about alcoholism -The various causes and symptoms of alcoholism -The effects alcohol can have on your body, mind, and relationships -How to transition from compulsive drinking to recovery compulsion -Strategies for handling difficult withdrawal symptoms -How to get the alcoholism treatments you need to break free and get sober -Self-help tips The road to recovery starts with one small step. Take that step now and discover your new life. Don't wait another second to get this life-changing book. Get your copy today!

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease - A Practical Guide

RRP $230.95

Do you have patients referred to you suffering from NAFLD?
Are you looking for an expert guide to the latest in clinical management?

If so, this is the book for you, providing an expert and comprehensive analysis of NAFLD: what it is, why it happens, who is likely to suffer from it, and how to decide on the best management options for your patients.

This book focuses clearly on providing first-rate clinical guidance as to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients in the clinical setting, based wherever possible on the latest evidence and scientific understanding of disease mechanisms.  With each chapter fully revised and updated with the very latest in AASLD,  EASL and Asia-Pacific guidelines, this second edition provides:

  • Four brand new chapters, including ?NAFLD and cardiovascular risk factors? and ?Non-invasive methods to determine severity of NAFLD/ NASH?
  • A clear overview on the causative mechanisms of NAFLD
  • Self-assessment via key points and multiple-choice questions throughout
  • The very latest in clinical drug trials
  • Analysis of NAFLD in relation to obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and liver cancer
  • A consideration of NAFLD importance in Asia (particularly including Japan and China) and South America, as well as Europe and North America
NAFLD is a serious condition that is increasing in prevalence globally from year to year.  Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Practical Guide, is essential reading for all hepatologists and health professionals managing patients who have this condition.

Treating Adult Children Of Alcoholics

RRP $241.99

A comprehensive theoretical and practical presentation on the assessment and treatment of adult children of alcoholics.<br> <br> In Treating Adult Children of Alcoholics, renowned psychologist, researcher, and author Stephanie Brown develops an in-depth, integrated theory linking childhood experiences with an alcoholic parent to developmental difficulties. She emphasizes the importance of the traumatic family environment and provides rich clinical descriptions, linking systems theory and literature of the handicapped to the experience of children of alcoholics.<br> <br> Dr. Brown connects environmental issues with individual development. She details the defensive maneuvers required to cope with an alcoholic parent and explores their impact on the development of the self. Finally, she outlines the process of recovery, continuing to emphasize the link between environment and individual development. She traces the recovery process from its first step--admitting parental alcoholism--through the reconstruction of personal identity based on incorporating the realities of parental alcoholism into a new vision of the self.<br> <br> For mental health professionals, alcoholism counselors, graduate students, recovering alcoholics and their families, and adult children of alcoholics, Treating Adult Children of Alcoholics provides a clear understanding of the impact of parental alcoholism on the developing child. It also opens the door to a solid, realistic course of treatment that offers hope to thousands of adult children of alcoholics.


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